Programme Structure

The Jutland Art Academy offers a higher education degree programme for students who wish to pursue a career as professional artists within the realm of international contemporary art.

Extending across ten semesters, the programme is planned with the overall aim of building self-motivated, experimental and professionally skilled individuals who can contribute to and be part of the increasingly comprehensive international contemporary art scene in ways infused by a keen critical agency and willingness to take risks.

The academy offers an intimate and strong community of learning that comprises forty-five students and seven permanent members of teaching staff as well as an array of visiting lecturers, artists etc.

The academy structure is not based on separate departments, but rather on a rich study programme in which the central object is the student’s own artistic production. During the course of the programme, a distinctive and qualifying practice will grow out of this production. Reflecting this, the programme places great emphasis on imparting personal experience with exhibiting one’s art; experience that may come from group exhibitions and solo shows, arranged in-house or outside of the academy. Each student organises their own artistic production and is provided with a studio space with free access all year round. Students have access to the academy’s own laboratories and also access to a number of production facilities at the Godsbanen cultural centre in Aarhus.

The students’ artistic growth and development is supported and qualified through criticism and teaching within various theoretical and practical fields of knowledge such as art history and art theory, technical skills and methodological approaches. All this unfolds within a professionally ambitious and socially responsible learning environment, in which experimental approaches to education and an institutional setting based on freedom stimulates the individual student’s development.

The teaching is conducted by a team of committed and distinctive artists who are active on the Danish and international art scenes. The faculty set-up aims to continuously contribute to the further development of fine art teaching and of contemporary art as such.

Students at the academy’s programme are eligible for support from the SU scheme (The Danish State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme).