Max Gam Iversen, Degree Show, 2020. Photo: Mikkel Kaldal

Max Gam Iversen, Degree Show, 2020. Photo: Mikkel Kaldal

Diploma Programme

The overall aim of the Diploma Programme is to expand the student’s artistic practice and interests in depth and to hone the student’s awareness of the position held by their individual practice and how it interacts with contemporary art discourses and the dynamics of the art system.

This involves a further specialisation in the topics, media, materials and methods that were, at the end of the Basic Programme, identified as the field of practice relevant to the individual student’s artistic interests. In addition, students will expand their ability to reflect on and rethink art’s relationship with society.

The ‘Critique classes’ familiar from the Basic Programme continue in a more free-form version than before, but serve a similar purpose in bringing together the students and their professor in each given year. Among other things, the critique classes on the Diploma Programme involve a writing assignment.

In their fifth year, students will prepare and present their graduation project, which will be exhibited in a Degree Show at Kunsthal Aarhus. Curated by an external curator, the academy’s Degree Show is arranged in close collaboration with the permanent staff at Kunsthal Aarhus. This activity constitutes the overriding focus for the tenth semester, which is concluded by an exam.

Diploma Programme elements:

  • Rundgang: Our annual exhibition in which the entire academy participates
  • Solo show(s) during the course of the Diploma Programme (at least one)
  • Voluntary exhibition or production-based learning opportunities, for example participation in a sound art festival
  • Individual studio review and feedback sessions
  • Individual workshop review and feedback sessions at the academy’s MediaLab and MultiLab
  • Critique classes (Diploma Programme version)
  • Guest lectures, artist talks, seminars
  • Workshops
  • Technical courses
  • Study trips and excursions
  • Reading groups, film groups and other voluntary teacher and student-driven activities
  • Professional Practice (10th semester)
  • Graduation process, including final Degree Show (10th semester)

The academy wishes to foster artists with a strong sense of integrity and the ability to innovate and reinvent not only contemporary art in itself, but also the conditions under which it is created. Doing so requires knowledge of financial and economic matters, network models, varying approaches to working with the visibility of one’s art, as well as awareness of those labour policy issues that are part and parcel of a professional field characterised by great changeability and informal working conditions. These issues are integrated into the teaching throughout the programme. The last semester will involve an intensified focus on the subject in the form of a separate course, Professional Practice, which prepares the student for the transition to working as a professionally practicing artist.

The Diploma Programme covers semesters 7 to 10 and is concluded by a Degree Show. A diploma is awarded upon completion of the full programme.

During the 7th to 9th semester, students can apply to study at other academies in Denmark and abroad via an exchange programme. The Jutland Art Academy is part of the Nordic-Baltic network KUNO, falls within the scope of the EU’s Erasmus programme and has a number of bilateral agreements with other art academies.