Mikkel Holm Torp, Akefalopoder og kurv, 2022. From the third year exhibition Hot Disparate and All Over the Place. Photo: Mikkel Kaldal.

Basic Programme

Comprising three years/six semesters of study, the Basic Programme lays down the foundation for the students’ artistic practice. A basic vocabulary around art is established, and the student is introduced to a wide range of artistic positions that make up the proliferating contemporary art scene.

Concurrently with this, students will be introduced to various developments in art history as well as to a range of theoretical issues, all of which enter into a dynamic relationship with the themes and societal discourses addressed in contemporary art.

The Basic Programme combines many elements: the students’ own production, class-based teaching, group-oriented workshops and courses, study trips and excursions, as well as individual supervision.

In the academy’s ‘critique classes’ – group critique sessions comprising groups of students from the first three years of the study programme – the students, accompanied by a professor, will supervise each other’s artistic production over the course of an entire academic year. The critique classes make it possible to form a deep relationship with each student’s artistic work and development, and these classes play a central role in promoting the individual’s and the group’s understanding of the possibilities inherent in the concept of art. The composition of all critique classes changes once a year in order to present the students with varying dynamics and different views of art.

Basic Programme elements:

  • Introductory course (first semester), including an exhibition and critique
  • Rundgang: Our annual exhibition in which the entire academy participates
  • Solo show(s)
  • Voluntary exhibition or production-based learning opportunities, for example participation in a sound art festival
  • Individual studio review and feedback sessions
  • Individual workshop review and feedback sessions at the academy’s MediaLab and MultiLab
  • Critique classes
  • Art history classes and theory classes
  • Guest lectures, artist talks, seminars
  • Workshops
  • Technical courses
  • Study trips and excursions
  • Reading groups, film groups and other voluntary teacher and student-driven activities
  • Third-year project culminating in a 3rd Year Exhibition and critique (6th semester)

The Basic Programme covers the first six semesters of the total study programme and concludes with a 3rd Year Exhibition – a degree show that also serves as a concluding examination. Successfully participating in this evaluation/graduation project gives the student access to further study on the two-year Diploma Programme. The student will also receive a diploma upon completing the Basic Programme.

During the 3rd to 5th semester, students can apply to study at other academies in Denmark and abroad via an exchange programme. The Jutland Art Academy is part of the Nordic-Baltic network KUNO, the EU’s Erasmus programme and has a number of bilateral agreements with other art academies.