Stefan A. Pedersen

Drawing: Nora Hornemann

The main objective of the teaching conducted at the MediaLab concerns the acquisition of an elementary understanding of digital and, partly, analogue visual and audio media as well as an introduction to the academy’s equipment and facilities. At the same time, work is also being done to promote a critical awareness of the ideological and technological properties of media formats, including their history, thereby nurturing the ability to pause for a moment and inquire into what the medium itself carries in terms of information and meaning.

As a teacher, I have employed a range of experimental forms of learning, including a series of workshops in which the relationship between media and meaning-making is renegotiated on the basis of a so-called hauntological perspective on the world around us. By looking, for example, at the paranormal practice of observing the ‘voices’ of the dead by means of sound recordings (EVP), inquiries are made into the production of meaning that takes place in the unstable relationship between artist, work, context and spectator or listener.

My artistic interest focuses on exploring the relationship between the past and the present, based on a conviction that history is not causal or already given. These studies often find expression in a range of collaborative constellations and include video, audio, photography, installation, text as well as more performative formats. My work has been shown at a range of venues, including the National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen; the Independent Fair, New York; Konsthall C, Stockholm; Galerie Jan Mot, Brussels; Glasgow International; VBKÖ, Vienna; Overgaden, Copenhagen; and Tai Project, Kunming, China.