The institution

The Jutland Art Academy is a self-governing educational institution under the Ministry of Culture, located in the Latin Quarter in central Aarhus. The academy offers a five-year programme of higher education in fine arts, comprising a three-year Basic Programme and a two-year Diploma Programme. In addition, the academy presents a range of exhibitions and public events such as artist talks and lectures on current topics.

The academy’s profile

The Jutland Art Academy places great emphasis on the fact that art is not created or perceived in a vacuum: it is rooted in social, material and linguistic practices and within a wider world with changing political, technological and economic conditions.

Working with this mental outlook raises questions about the nature and role of art in society, including the conditions under which it is experienced and takes on its meaning and significance.

The approach finds expression in very concrete terms, too: teaching and activities at the academy often take place in collaboration with external partners, out in the city, in nature, and on the go. The academy’s study activities occupy a field where art and the outside world intersect – poised between freedom and system. The activities at the academy are aimed at creating an artistically and intellectually stimulating community of learning and study, incorporating vital input from permanent teaching staff as well as visiting teachers, lecturers and artists from Denmark and abroad.

The programmes combine a firm basic structure with open-ended formats that give teachers the opportunity to work creatively with the teaching format itself while also enabling them to adapt their teaching to the students’ current needs and interests. The academy favours a dynamic learning environment over curriculum-driven teaching, striving for a healthy balance between knowledge and skills-oriented teaching and more experimental, open-ended teaching formats.

Study environment

Learning and development do not only take place in specific teaching situations. The Jutland Art Academy should also be seen and understood as a complete academic and social environment arising as the sum of institutional and student-driven initiatives. The students have ample opportunity to use the academy’s settings and to organise their own reading groups, exhibitions, collective projects and much more. The intimate size of the academy also provides excellent opportunities for developing student democracy and for maintaining close contact with the teaching staff and administration alike.

Future plans

In 2025, the academy will move into a new building in the upcoming Sydhavnskvarter (South Harbour District) currently in development in Aarhus. Upon relocating, the academy will become part of ‘kunstbyen’ – Aarhus’ new art district; a creative environment comprising artist studios, exhibition venues, galleries and other players in the fields of design and animation. At the same time, the move will create opportunities for realising the second phase of a comprehensive development project that also includes new international collaborations.