The institution

The Jutland Art Academy is a self-governing institution of higher education, whose activities are funded by grants from the Danish Ministry of Culture and Aarhus Municipality. The purpose of the Jutland Art Academy is to offer a long-cycle post-secondary degree programme in fine art and, on a practical and theoretical basis, to promote developments in fine arts. The academy offers the only post-secondary degree programme within fine arts in Jutland. The management of the Jutland Art Academy comprises an external board of directors and a rector. Staff and students hold influence and decision-making power through positions on the board, councils and committees.


Judith Schwarzbart

Board of Directors

Chair: Katja Bjørn Jakobsen, artist, Aarhus, appointed by the Academy Council
Vice-chair: Birgitte Anderberg, art historian
Honza Hoeck, artist and professor at the Jutland Art Academy
Elisabeth Toubro, artist, Copenhagen, appointed by Akademiraadet
Peter Rønnow, lawyer
Finn Larsen, architect
Benjamin Krog Møller, student representative

Academy Council

Judith Schwarzbart, rector
Stefan A. Pedersen, associate professor
Hanne Juel, administrative staff
Ole N. Nygaard, technical staff
Olga Liva Bruun, student
Tobias Just Christensen, student

Student Council

The Student Council conducts its activities at monthly meetings that are open to all students.
Chairs: Agnes Schyberg and Andrea Mailund Glahn