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Ass. professors

Honza Hoeck,teaching manager / ass. professor, artist

Sidsel Meineche Hansen, born 1981, artist (DK). Meineche studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Städelschule in Frankfurt a.M. and Goldsmiths in London. Her research-led practice manifests as exhibitions, interdisciplinary seminars and publications. Her works takes the form of woodcut prints, sculptures, VR and CGI animations, often made by combining low-tech manual craft with outsourced, skilled digital labour. Her recent solo exhibitions include: OVER, Ludlow 38, New York (2017); Second Sex War, Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Trondheim (2016), No Right Way 2 Cum, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2016); Second Sex War, Gasworks, London (2016); ONE-Self, Künstlerhaus Bremen (2015 and Insider, CUBITT, London (2014).

Ebbe Stub Wittrup, born 1973, artist (DK). Ass. professor in mediabased art. Ebbe works mostly with photography, but also with video, installation, text etc. Graduated from Akademie of fine arts, Prague.
Link > Ebbe Stub Wittrup

Florian Zeyfang
Florian Zeyfang lives in Berlin. He works with multiple media, including photography, video, and installation, and is concerned with the relations between politics and form. His interest in experimental film, technology, and conceptual art has resulted in exhibitions, festival screenings, and several publications. He has conceived larger projects involving fellow artists such as 1,2,3…Avant-Gardes (Warsaw/Stuttgart/Bilbao, 2007/8) and Poor Man’s Expression (Vienna, 2004, Berlin, 2006), and Doing the Impossible Light, installed 2015 in the Arton Foundation in Warsaw. Zeyfang has been active in collaborations and curatorial initiatives since working in the group Botschaft (Berlin 1990-95). His film work extends to collaboratively made videos and installations, as part of an ongoing investigation into Cuba’s architecture and film history.

Publications: I said I Love. That is the Promise. The TVideopolitics of Jean-Luc Godard (eds. James/Zeyfang, Berlin 2003), Florian Zeyfang: Fokussy (Frankfurt/M., 2004), 1,2,3… Avant-Gardes (eds. Ronduda/Zeyfang, Warsaw/Berlin 2007); Pabellón Cuba (eds. Schmidt-Colinet/Schmoeger/Valdes Figueroa/Zeyfang, Berlin 2008), Poor Man's Expression (ed. Ebner/Zeyfang, Berlin 2011). Florian Zeyfang: Slow Narration Moving Still (Berlin, 2014); Open Form. Film, Space, Interaction and the Tradition of Oskar Hansen (eds. Wieder/Zeyfang, Berlin, 2014).
Link > Florian Zeyfang

Ass. professor in Art history and theory

Nanna Gro Henningsen
, born 1963 (DK) is a visual artist, trained in art history and contemporary culture at the University of Copenhagen (2000-2009).
Nanna Gro Henningsen works with installation and text works and is active with exhibitions in DK and abroad. Her artistic work is based on critical theory, studies and research of historical, sociological and political material.

Former ass. professors

Jørgen Michaelsen, artist (2010-18)
Elsebeth Jørgensen artist (2014-17)
Amel Ibrahimovic, artist (2015)
Brett Bloom, artist (2010-2015)
Søren Andreasen, artist (2003-2010)
Peter Holst Henckel, artist (1998-2004)
Elsebeth Jørgensen, artist (2006-2007)
Rikke Luther, artist (2007-2013)
Regina Möller (DE), artist (2008-2009)
Björn Ross, artist (1998-2003)
Katya Sander, artist (2004-2006)
Chr. Schmidt-Rasmussen, artist (1999-2003)
Cecilia Wendt (SE) (2007-2011)

Former other teachers

Katarina Stenbeck, art historian (2009-10)
Jan Bäcklund, art historian (2008)
Kristian Handberg, art historian (2007-08)
Henrikke Nielsen, art historian (2005-06)
Tone O. Nielsen, art historian (2003-04)
Thomas Krogsbøl, writer (2001-05)
Ursula Andkjær Olsen, writer (2006-07)

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Visiting teachers

Peter Borum, translator, researcher in aestetics and semiotics (DK)
Jan Bäcklund, art theorist og artist  (SE/DK)
Thomas J Campanella, ass. Professor of Urban Design (US)
Center for Vild Analyse, collektivc subject that thinks and talks in the public debate
Claus Handberg Christensen, lyric poet and artist (DK)
Rhea Dall, curator (DK)
Susanne von Falkenhausen, professor of Art History (DE)
Flux Factory, NY-based artist group (US)
Hans Jørgen Frederiksen, lecturer, art history, AU
Sidsel Meineche Hansen, artist and researcher (DK/UK)
Owen Hatherley, researcher in Political Aesthetics (UK)
Derek Holzer, sound artist (US/DE)
Elsebeth Jørgensen, artist
Ruth Kaaserer, artist (AT)
Eva Kenny, art historian etc. (IE/US)
Troels W. Kjær, neurologist, Department of Clinical Neurophysiology, Rigshospitalet
Sita Kotnis, antropologist, phd. student AU
Joasia Krysa, curator and artistic manager at Aarhus Kunstbygning (PL/UK/DK)
Esther Leslie, Professor in Political Aesthetics (UK)
Axel Lieber, artist (DE/SE)
Loud Objects, NY based sound artist group (US)
Jacob Lund, lecturer in aestetics and culture,  AU 
Carsten Madsen, lecturer, Center of rhetoric, AU
Carsten Meiner, Professor, language, KU
Ellen Nyman, actor etc. (DK/SE)
Olof Olsson, performance artist(DK/NL/SE)
Anders Klostergaard Petersen, Professor, religious sciences, AU
Jane Rowley, curator, head of production at Kunstmiljøet (UK/DK)
Lise Skou, art historian and artist
Howard Slater, writer and researcher (UK)
Jamie Stapleton, researcher (UK/DK)
Signe Vad, artist and photographer
Louise Wolthers, curator

Steen Hammershøy Andersen, art historian
Jørn Boisen, lecturer, Institute of English, Germanic and Romance languages, KU
Mikkel Bolt, art historian
Taeyoon Choi, artist (KR/US)
Alice Creischer, artist (DE)
Jørgen Dehs, philosopher and head of The Research School, AAA
Hans Jørgen Frederiksen, art historian
Tamar Guimaráes, artist (BR/DK)
Hannah Hartman, sound artist (SE/DE)
Anne Holmfred, fundraiser m.m.
Sophie Hope, curator & art historian (UK)
Anthony Iles, editor, writer etc.(UK)
Hans H. Lofert Jørgensen, researcher
Jane Jin Kaisen, artist
Ask Katzeff, cand. mag. modern culture etc.
Ferdinand Ahm Krag, artist
Lars Bang Larsen, art historian / curator
Steen Nepper Larsen, lecturer GNOSIS, AU
Johanne Løgstrup, curator
Ellen Nyman, actor etc. (DK/SE)
Vibeke Pedersen, media researcher
Tara Rodgers, musician, composer etc. (US)
Louise Hold Sidenius, graphic designer
Jamie Stapleton, researcher (UK/DK)
The State of L3, international artist collective
Tove Storch, artist (DK/AT)
Lisbet Tarp, art historian
Mikkel Thorup, idea historian
Kristian Tylén, Center of Semiotics, AU
Gitte Villesen, artist (DK/DE)
Richard T. Walker, artist (UK/US)
Mikael Wallentin, Center of Semiotics, AU
Svend Østergaard, researcher, language and communications AU