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news 2016

Judith Schwarzbart is the new rector at The Jutland Art Academy

It is with great pleasure that the board of The Jutland Art Academy presents art historian and curator Judith Schwarzbart as the rector of The Jutland Art Academy from 1st of March 2016.

Among many qualified applicants Judith has been chosen because she possess the experience and knowledge as well as the specific competences which are necessary to further develop the artistic ambitions with a focus on upgrading the physical and financial frames of the Academy.

Together with the board Judith will improve the dialogue between employees and students and work wholeheartedly for continued independence and improved financial frames for the future of the Academy.

Everyone at The Jutland Art Academy wishes Judith welcome and looks forward to the cooperation.

Archive 2015

Download > job description

Vacancy as the rector of Det Jyske Kunstakademi

In collaboration with the board of directors, the Rector of Det Jyske Kunstakademi (the Jutland Art Academy) will be in charge of the daily management of the academy and of the development of the academy’s professional artistic profile, the development of the school’s network and, finally, the rector will be responsible for the academy’s general growth strategy.

About the institution

DJK is a state-recognized educational institution which provides up-to-date advanced studies within the field of the visual arts. DJK provides a five-year education programme, with eligibility for the Education Grant and Loan Scheme in Denmark. The programme is targeted towards educating the academy’s students into professional, practising graphical artist at the highest level. The individual student’s artistic practice will be a point of departure although, in general, the education programme is shaped in an ongoing dialogue with the surroundings.

DJK is a self-governing institution subsidised by the Ministry of Culture, Denmark and the City of Aarhus. The school has approximately 40 students and a staff of 5 permanently employed associate professors of whom none works fulltime. In addition, the school has an administrative and practical staff of 4 employees. The school is located in the heart of Aarhus, on the address Mejlgade 32-34, DK-8000 Aarhus C.

The DJK educational programme comprises courses in methodology, techniques, art history and theory of art together with criticism and discussion targeted at providing a perspective of the potentials and relations within art. DJK is not split up into media departments. The students will have the option of taking the fourth year of the education abroad, on exchange stays of 6 or 12 months’ duration.

Fundamental values

DJK’s overall set of values are characterised as follows:

- DJK is a dynamic art academy which, owing to its open structure, is oriented towards an ongoing development of methods and approaches to teaching that will reflect the developments within the field of contemporary art, in practice as in theory.

- DJK’s open and transparent management structure is based on the active and democratic participation of associate professors and students in the continued development of the institution and its study environment.

- DJK is a complete totality working across media and focused on interdisciplinary approach and on the dialogue between media, art forms and discourses.

- DJK is targeted towards providing the students with the tools to develop an individual, reflecting and professional practice for the purposes of achieving a point at which individual and dialogue-based art production and art education are in equilibrium

Job profile

The work and areas of responsibility relating to the rector’s office are fairly equally distributed between professionally relevant, administrative and institutional tasks.

The areas of professional responsibility involve the further development of the art education in collaboration with the academy’s associate professors and the teachers’ council together with active participation in the artistic discussion.

The administrative responsibility is carried out in collaboration with the administrator and the study secretary. The academy’s rector shall, for instance, be responsible for securing an open dialogue with the board; for the daily operations of the institution; for staff management; and for the preparation of annual reports and for DJK’s 4-year contacts with the City of Aarhus.
The institutional responsibility is of both political and representative nature. Rector is the public image as regards art professional and political matters – be this locally, nationally and internationally.

Rector must have an understanding of and a desire to further develop the academy’s existing environment and fundamental values. And in this connection the rector will be required to take a clear stand with respect to DJK’s international profile.


The rector position requires a practising pictorial artist with a pronounced leadership experience or a person with relevant experience from a similar professional background within the field of arts . The applicant must have a wide network within both artistic and cultural environments and posses a capacity for creating results through continued initiative. The applicant must be equipped with the necessary professional artistic background and leadership insight as well as good interpersonal skills.

The rector must be able to lead, inspire, position and strengthen an artistic educational institution on the basis of an enthusiasm for and insight into the particular discipline of pictorial art.

The rector must be capable of representing DJK through an open, dialogue-oriented and transparent way of management which will continue to motivate the academy’s employees, students and external cooperative partners in Denmark and abroad.

Rector must be interested in and knowledgeable about contemporary art as well as in such discussions and dynamisms which exist within this area.

Rector must be able to develop DJK’s financial foundation and its institutional status for the purposes of an enhancement of the academy’s exterior and interior framework.

All in all, the rector is expected to:

  • be a practising pictorial artist or a person with other relevant experience within the art profession;
  • have good leadership qualities and experience as well as experience in staff responsibilities from previous employments;
  • have knowledge of carrying the responsibility for the planning of curriculum, study programmes and formal frameworks attached to the position;
  • be experienced within the fields of responsibility concerning daily and visible management plus financial and administrative responsibility;
  • have a wide artistic and cultural network plus an international outlook;
  • have a desire to participate in the local artistic circles and interact with networks and their players;
  • continuously be aware of the communication between students, teachers and board;
  • be experienced within fundraising;
  • continue to strive towards improved financial relations with respect to the academy’s daily and future operations;
  • be up to take the offensive in public debates, from artistic as well as political points of view;
  • have good skills and experience with respect to working in an environment which is characterised by close interdisciplinary relations;
  • be knowledgeable within Danish and international contemporary art
  • be knowledgeable with the educational field of pictorial art
  • be capable of developing the institution’s external cooperation, in Denmark and abroad;
  • be capable of attending to the strategic as well as the cultural political work with respect to the development of the institution
  • write and speak English and a Scandinavian language

Terms of employment

The employment is limited to a period of 4 years with the possibility of two times two years’ extension, i.e. a maximum of eight years.

The position equals 60 percent of a fulltime employment, which in general will equal three workdays per week. The salary is calculated on the basis of a classification in pay scale 36 with an annual qualification allowance and a pension scheme equal to 17.1 percent.

It will be preferable if the rector lives or is willing to take up residence in or near Aarhus.

The application

The application must contain a satisfactory presentation of the applicant’s artistic field of interest and the basic ideas behind plus a suitable account of the applicant’s ideas and visions with respect to the further development of DJK as regards the further development in connection with the institution’s current competences and volume.

The motivated application must be accompanied be the applicant’s CV, plus documentation of previous working relations requiring leadership experience, and a list of other relevant attachments.

The applicant must be willing to take a personality test in connection with the application procedure.

Closing date

The application must be received by Det Jyske Kunstakademi no later than on Thursday 17 December on 2015 at 12 p.m. The application must be addressed to the academy’s board:

The applicant should preferably be able to fill the position at the soonest possible.


Florian Zeyfang is the new ass. professor at The Jutland Art Academy from the 1st of September 2015.

Florian Zeyfang is an artist who lives in Berlin. He works with multiple media, including photography, video, and installation, and is concerned with the relations between politics and form. His interest in experimental film, technology, and conceptual art has resulted in exhibitions, festival screenings, and several publications. He has conceived larger projects involving fellow artists such as 1,2,3…Avant-Gardes (Warsaw/Stuttgart/Bilbao, 2007/8) and Poor Man’s Expression (Vienna, 2004, Berlin, 2006). Zeyfang has been active in collaborations and curatorial initiatives since working in the group Botschaft (Berlin 1990-95). Most recently, he presented a collaborative film at Berliner Filmfestspiele 2015, Institute Above-Ground (Zeyfang/Schmidt-Colinet/Schmoeger) which continues an ongoing investigation into Cuba’s architecture and film history. He currently curates an exhibition about film-after-film, Doing the Impossible Light, that opens Sept. 2015 in the Artot Foundation in Warsaw.
Publications include: I said I Love. That is the Promise. The TVideopolitics of Jean-Luc Godard (eds. James/Zeyfang, Berlin 2003), Florian Zeyfang: Fokussy (Frankfurt/M., 2004), 1,2,3… Avant-Gardes (eds. Ronduda/Zeyfang, Warsaw / Berlin 2007); Pabellón Cuba (eds. Schmidt-Colinet / Schmoeger /Valdes Figueroa/Zeyfang, Berlin 2008), Poor Man's Expression (eds. Ebner/Zeyfang, Berlin 2011). Florian Zeyfang: Slow Narration Moving Still (Berlin, 2014) and Open Form. Film, Space, Interaction and the Tradition of Oskar Hansen (eds. Wieder/Zeyfang, Berlin, 2014). 

read more > Florian Zeyfang

Art senior lectureship commencing the 1st of September 2015
> job description

Art senior lectureship / Part time commencing the 1st of January 2014
> read appointment notice (in english)

This happens while Loud Objects is in Aarhus:

LOUD OBJECTS on Godsbanen

1) Tomorrow, Godsbanen
Loud Objects installation
Opens tomorrow @ Institute for (x) / Godsbanen.
link >
link >

1) June 2nd, Godsbanen
Loud Objects Workshop & Performance
link > mere info


Tirsdag, den 22. maj kl. 19 - 21
LOUD OBJECTS at Splab with a sound installation:
2 x i5_high.c
1 x i5_low.c
incl. performance kl. 20 by Isak Nielsen

flyer - download PDF


3 i 1 (bl.a. Katie Shima LOUD OBJECTS)

D.A.K indbyder til sin 2. udstilling, denne gang med bidrag fra tre forskellige kunstnere, der udstiller på samme tid, men seperat fra hinanden.

Tid: 18.- 24. maj 12- 17 (måske længere)

D.A.K, Institut for (X)
Skovgaardsgade 3- 5, 8000 Aarhus C

mere info - download PDF


Loud Objects Workshop:
BYOB Programming Party
Wednesday, May 16, 17:00 - 19:00

Bzzreeep! Noise toy programming with the Loud Objects! Learn hardware
audio synthesis with the Loud Objects, who create complex music with
simple, hand-built electronic instruments. In the previous workshop,
participants soldered a basic Noise Toy circuit, learning how
electronics work and how little experience is necessary to create
entirely new instruments. This workshop will focus on the code behind
the noise, exploring what is actually happening in the microchip to
create electronic sound from the ground up. Programming at the
hardware level directly gives artists a fine degree of control over
the audio waveform not possible in most desktop software. Participants
get hands-on experience working with basic electronics to create
gritty electronic sound. Where possible, participants should bring
their laptops.


in MARCH 15,

> read workshop description


link > photos from the talk & concert in
SpLab 25th February


januar 2012

DJK has from January to May a visit by the american artist group Loud Objects, which will stay in Aarhus on an artist-in-residence, arranged by DJK and supported by the DIVA program under the State Arts Council.

Loud Objects (Kunal Gupta, Tristan Perich and Katie Shima) lives and works in New York, USA. The group works primarily with sound and music, and this work includes various media and disciplines, such as performance, installation, objects, electronic circuits, video games, interaction, etc. They have an extensive tour and exhibition activity with concerts, performances and installations at several international festivals, museums and galleries.
The group plans to work with their own projects during their stay, including a new "music" album and new sound objects, called Noise Toys.

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